Cyber crime law in Papua New Guinea

NICTA boss

Communication and Information Technology Minister Jimmy Miringtoro has called for support in the fight against cybercrime, from all key government institutions, ICT service providers, business houses and individuals.

Speaking at the Cybercrime Policy launch in Port Moresby, Miringtoro said once the legislation is finalized, the offenders of cybercrime will be prosecuted under this new law.

In addition, he said the regulation on simcard registration will complement the cybercrime legislation once it becomes a law.

“It will therefore be mandatory for operators to register all mobile phone SIM card holders. And I urge every SIM card holder to cooperate with the operators on the SIM card registration exercise for the good of our society.”

Miringtoro told Loop PNG that the SIM card registration will be aligned by the government’s National Identity (NID) program that is being rolled out across the country.

Meanwhile, it was reported in a local media outlet that the government will come down hard on improper users of ICT services and warns that a K20,000 fine or 3 months imprisonment will apply under section 266 of the NICTA Act 2009 with NICTA saying it will charge anyone who “lies” on social media, emails, blogs, forums including Facebook.

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