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Working in a gold mine is tough. There are safety considerations to keep you safe as well as security of the gold itself.  There is this saying that “Security increases production”. From ore to processed mill feed to refined gold bullions for shipment. The security challengers are phenomenal at Porgera mine in the Enga Province of Papua new Guinea.

One of these challengers aside from illegal mining activities on the SML, is stopping employees and contractors from stealing the processed gold. Porgera Joint Venture has counter measures in place like electronic security systems, manpower and policies that deter theft but now and again we always come up with idiots with sticky fingers. They lose their jobs on the spot. Sometimes we can find gold bearing material concealed away somewhere inside the process plant, personal lockers, vehicles and even on their bodies.

Guys tried sticking nuggets up their arses hopping the metal detectors won’t find it. They were caught and lost their jobs. Some grow extra pair of balls between the crotch. But they got caught too. I could go on and on but that’s not what this blog post is about.

Actually it’s about calculating the value of gold that could have been stolen or smuggled out of the mine.  It helps to get a grip on what workers are actually capable of smuggling for personnel gain.  As a security officer this is a vital piece of information. Needless to say, I googled a whole lot of website trying to find a simple online calculator where you just punch in the weight and parts per million from the assay figures, the current gold price and the PNG exchange rate for USD and the answer smiles back at you.

But no…it wasn’t that simple. So I gathered all the conversion data, calculation formulas and hid it in an excel spread sheet. So if you don’t have one of those fancy online gold calculators, you can download it from me if you want.

Download Oz Calculator 

This is what it looks like:

oz calc

Here is an example if you want to write it on paper:


1.515kg x 32.150746568628 oz = 48.7083810514714 oz

48.7083810514714 oz x 6304.1 PPM = 307062.504986581

307062.504986581 / 1,000,000 = 0.307062504986581

0.307062504986581 x 1333.20 = 409.38 USD

409.38 / 0.3260 = 1,255.75 PGK

There you have it. Hope you don’t go spreading the good news. It’s a secret.