500 US marines, naval officers arrive in NCD


November 15, 2018 The National Main Stories


FIVE hundred United States marines and naval officers have arrived in Port Moresby aboard USS Green Bay to help provide security during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit.
The Marines are from the 469 Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron based in Okinawa, Japan. USS Green Bay is from the seventh US navy Fleet based in Sasebo, also in Japan.
Rear Admiral Brad Cooper, US Navy Commander Amphibious Force Seventh Fleet based in Okinawa, said they were in PNG to follow the footsteps of the US Undersecretary for Navy, Thomas Modly.
“This is the second US Navy ship to visit Port Moresby within two months. We are here to show that we are keen for a free and open Indo-Pacific region and to support PNG host the Apec , Cooper said.
“Our presence and this ship is an open symbol of our assistance to PNG.”
Meanwhile, US Navy commanding officer and USS Green Bay Captain Tom Shultz said “the crew feels fortunate to have the opportunity to support Apec in PNG and had sailed for 10 days from home port at Sasebo.”
The US Navy has invested deeply in supporting the amphibious mission as can be seen in the innovative design and of this amphibious transport dock ship. This ship is equipped to support a variety of missions from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to full amphibious combat operations”.
USS Green Bay also has military helicopters on board for the US marines to use to deploy in the city during Apec security operations.

PNG Delegation Visits US Coast Guards in Guam

PNG and US Coast GuardsApril 11, 2018

Published at 7:00pmAs part of security preparations for APEC, the United States Coast Guard hosted a delegation of officials from the Maritime Working Group from Papua New Guinea in Guam on the3rd to the 6th of April, 2018.

The visit to Guam was a result of the U.S.-PNG partnership supporting preparations for this year’s APEC summit. The PNG delegation included Sylvester Adema from the Department of Transport, Sebastian Marru from PNG Defence Force (Navy), and Ben Kerri SAR controller at the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre.

For the first time ever, the PNG attendees participated in an actual exercise held by the U.S. Coast Guard with partnering agencies.  The delegation also met with Coast Guard leadership and toured the U.S. Coast Guard base in Guam. They used the opportunity to ask questions about security for events such as APEC.  They also heard presentations on U.S implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code through the domestic Maritime Transportation Security Act and toured the Guam container facility.

PNG delegates then met with the representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard contingency planning branch to plan development for security and safety.  This important meeting provided information about how to develop plans and exercise scenarios for APEC 2018.

This visit was the most recent exchange between PNG and the United States in advance of APEC.  A Coast Guard team will be in Port Moresby in July to provide further training to port officials from PNG, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.



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