Another MCC ‘tonnes of toxic chemical’ spill

Yet another toxic chemical spill has taken place at this Chinese-owned Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang Province and yet the Chinese at the mine tell the people ‘IT’S OK’. The biggest pipe at the acid pl…

Source: Another MCC ‘tonnes of toxic chemical’ spill


Affordable Rent Houses at Ulifun Island.


There are affordable rent houses at Ulifun Island in Madang. Rent range from K50 to K400 a fortnight depending on the condition of the house or type of accommodation.

There are semi-permanent houses and village style houses. The semi-permanent houses are constructed with timber and roofing iron and the walling constructed from the rachis of a Sago palm. Some are constructed with timber and a thatched roof weaved with sago palm leaves.

Village houses are made the traditional way from bush logs and Sago palms. Some Village houses may have bamboo strip flooring or wooden planks while there are also a few houses built on the ground with  a dirt floor.

The kitchen and toilet facilities are separated from the main house.  Most toilets are located along the shore line and build in a manner that an opening in the floor is positioned over the water so when the sea rolls in it dilutes and breaks down any waste matter which then becomes part of the seabed.

There is a constant supply of fresh water collected from wells and it is hauled up with a bucket attached to a rope.

A jetty at Ulifun Island where passengers can board the ferry boats.

Ulifun Island has ferry services to the mainland and urban area. It costs K1 to get to town.  There are three banana boats (dinghy) operators who reside on Ulifun Island providing the ferry services. Anton, Francis and Maus Grass provide the ferry services to people of Ulifun and neighbouring islands. Some people also living on the mainland along the coast rely on the ferry service as a more convenient means of getting to town. The picture above shows a make shift jetty at Ulifun Island made from five coconut logs strapped together. It is very helpful for the woman who load their goods to market at the Nelrik boat stop in town.


Solar power at Ulifun Island

There is no Electricity supply on Ulifun Island and most people on the island use battery powered lanterns and torches when it gets dark. Others rely on solar power as a source of electricity for lights and for charging their mobile phones while some use electric generators that run on fuel.  Otherwise you can always make an open fire and sit under the stars and watch the moon rise.

It’s a quiet and simple way of life at Ulifun Island but a house is only a house if there are no people in it and it’s the people living in the houses and the way of life that makes Ulifun Island truly, a unique and wonderful place to live.



Crocodile Jakeman

I decided to take a break for awhile and went to hunt crocodiles.  This Puk Puk (pictured below) was used by a sorcerer to capture or should I say devour the child of a neighbor who allegedly had a confrontation of foul languages with the old sorcerer.

I call him “cradle snatcher” and he was found in the Wagol River that runs by Kerema Compound in Madang.

Kerema Compound in Madang was a piece of Land at Pain Damon Point on the other side of the bay from DCA compound and Admin compound on the other side.  It was in the Early 60’s when the piece of land was provided for the builders of Madang Town.  Mainly Kerema carpenters and builders.  A few settled in and liked Madang so much that they didn’t go back to their home in Kerema.   

After 40 years there is a new generation of Kerema blong Madang (Original Kerema born in Madang) wave of people.   The Elderly folks a slowly passing away and the youths are still thriving. 

  It is saddening to see the once peaceful Kerema Compound that provided safety and a haven for the builders of Madang Town, has become a hide away for notorious theives and unlawful youths who take advantage of the poor and neglected basic services to brew and consume Yawa or Steam (Home made alcohol) and then causing fear and terror to the homes and livelihood of the simple Kerema people of Madang.

Ave lea soso.

Below are some more pictures of the happy lives who live at Pain Damon Poing, Kerema Compound.

 Debbie, Kaju, Mama Ito and El-jay.

That’s little Rex Konie smiling in the middle of the group.