Generous giving to charity

Source: LoopPNG

One woman’s silent work of charity has been recognized by a family when she was given resources to assist advance her work to help the needy.

The PNG Stoma Society, led by ostomate Janet Yaki received a 12 seater vehicle from the Neville family yesterday, relieving the society off its transport needs.

This is not the first time, the family has come on board to assist the society; they donated a container fitted with shelves and air condition last year to help Janet meet her storage needs.

In a small but significant meet yesterday, the Neville family, led by Greg Neville donated the vehicle to the patron of the society and Minister for Works and Implementation, Francis Awesa.

The Nevilles are not new to PNG and particularly Southern Highlands Province, hence their assistance to the Stoma Society, led by a woman from Southern Highlands was welcome news to the society.

The family is also working on a plan to build a K1.5 million shelter near the Port Moresby General Hospital to help Janet work close to where the patients are.

Currently, Janet who is an ostomate herself operates from her house, using the family vehicle to supply other ostomates with things like colostomy bags.

She has even been almost attacked by criminals, but preservers in the work she does. The new vehicle she received yesterday is fitted with security features and will greatly assist do her work.

Patron of the Society, Francis Awesa welcomed this generous donation and commended Janet for the work she does to help those who aren’t able to access basic supplies.


PJV sees PV training for WiB Porgera branch

The Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) has facilitated personal viability training for 49 members of the Porgera branch of Women in Business (WiB).

Barrick (Niugini) Limited (“BNL) Community Development Senior Officer Yutha Wai­sa said the training was targeted at marginalised community groups on skills development to encourage efficient management of their own resources, knowledge, time and money to create opportunities for financial independence and self-reliance at the household level.

“The training aims to develop thinking skills and good habits to enable participants to realise their full potential, identifying and de­veloping useful and applicable skills to create meaningful liveli­hoods to sustain their family, com­munity and improve economic de­velopment for the district,” Waisa said.

The Porgera WiB members received certificates in PV Level One (1) at the completion of the two-week training delivered by Port Moresby-based Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre (EDTC) trainer Karen Moses.

Participants Jenny Pulawa from Yarik village located with the Special Mining Lease (SML) area of the Porgera mine, together with Jennifer Tanda and Naomi Tapo were satisfied that they had learnt the basics of managing their time and resources such as money, and the opportunity of self-reliance that this training had made them realise.

“PV training has helped us a lot because we used to spend mon­ey unwisely. When we do business (street-vending), we always think about spending the money, but PV training has helped us to save up to expand our (small) busi­nesses,” a very satisfied Tanda said.

The training covered topics basic in­come generating principles which included taking are of the family, how to engage in small street-vending business activities, budgeting time and money, as well as other basic life skills.

Porgera WiB president Elizabeth Iarume thanked BNL for recognising the need of the WiB members to acquire the training.

“You wanted us to get a good knowledge and facilitated with the trainer,” Iarume said.

BNL Corpo­rate Social Responsibility (CSR) Operations Manager Timothy Andambo and Community Rela­tions and Engagement (CR&E) Alternate Manager Meck Minnala were on hand to witness the certificate presentation ceremony.

“The decision you made to at least spend two weeks of your special time, I think it’s a quality investment. So congratulations to you all.

“BNL has a new di­mension, new change…what is there in the community is im­portant. We must give it (trainings) to them that they can look after themselves.

“Before it was like ‘we’ll do things for them. Now we will help them do things for themselves. This is called Change of Dynamics,” Andambo told the women executives of groups affiliated to Porgera WiB.

The Porgera miner has so far facilitated five Level One (1) PV training sessions for members of the Porgera community, local business entities, community-based groups and organisations.