Bitcoins and Ransomware Analysis

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Ransomware (or crypto-ransomware) is a sophisticated piece of software that incorporates advanced encryption algorithms to block system files and demands payment in return for the key that can decrypt the blocked content. The end user has no idea what this password   for decryption could be, nor can they regain access to their files.

In a similar way to advanced financial and data stealing malware, ransomware is able to evade detection by normal antivirus products. But this is where the similarity ends.

As soon as the ransomware threat is on the system, it encrypts the content and lets the user know that money need to be delivered in a certain amount of time. If the ransom is not paid, encrypted content is lost for good.

For this reason, victims of ransomware are very much affected, because you may pay the money, but it’s not sure if the blocked content will become…

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