Fiji upgrades environment unit to better monitor mining — Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Unit monitors State land and mineral resources Serafina Silaitoga | The Fiji Times | September 24, 2016 THE Mineral Resources Department has upgraded its environment unit to properly monitor and control development of State land or mineral resources. Acting director Apete Soro said the unit, under the mines’ division and part of the mineral department, […]

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Canadian Crime Stoppers President Fired After Being Accused of Growing Marijuana — TIME

A Crime Stoppers organization in Ontario, Canada fired its president after he was accused of being involved in an illegal marijuana growing operation. Jon-Paul Fuller was removed from his post as president of the Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers on Thursday after he was arrested and charged with production of marijuana and possession of…

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We’re looking at cyberbullying the wrong way — TechCrunch

A bully is a bully and a troll is a troll, no matter where you go online. For as long as online mass communication has existed, online bullying has existed. To effectively address the issue of cyberbullying, one must not only question the environments that yield such behaviors, but examine how and why the behavior…

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China teen killing sparks internet boot camp debate

Source: BBC

A murder case in China, in which a teenager reportedly tied up and killed her mother after being sent to an internet addiction treatment centre, has sparked shock across the country.

The teenager, from the northern province of Heilongjiang, had “tied the victim up in a chair until she died” on 16 September, local police say, without giving further details about the death.

The 16-year-old, identified in media reports by a psuedonym, Chen Xin, has handed herself in to the police.

Local media say Chen Xin had been sent to an academy in Shandong, more than 1,000 km (600 miles) from her home, that specialised in “treating addictions and rebellious youths” – and which had a particular reputation for treating internet addictions.

She claimed in an online blog that she had been bundled into a car by two men and taken to the academy against her will, where she was held for four months, news outlet The Paper reported.

She also alleged there were frequent student beatings at the centre, and students were forced to “eat in front of the toilet bowl” as a form of punishment, The Paper added.

Local education officials say they are now investigating the college. The college has denied any corporal punishment.

The incident has sparked outrage online about China’s youth treatment centres, and debate about how parents should raise their children.

The Paper said it had interviewed several former students at the college who alleged abuse.

Many said they were beaten for not following orders, with one saying they were beaten “black and blue” for being found with a cigarette.

Others said they were sometimes forbidden to sleep, and forced to stand until the early hours of the morning.

One student said her parents paid 30,000 RMB to enroll her for a year and she lived “a life without dignity”.

Several news outlets have since sought to enter the school or seek interviews, but have been refused, state run newspaper People’s Daily reported.

‘Military-style discipline’

Internet boot camps became widely publicised in China in 2014, as there were reports of an increase in the number of young people suffering from insomnia and depression.

The camps involved “physical training and psychological counselling, as well as the prescription of drugs if doctors consider it necessary,” the South China Morning Post reported.

Within the camps, students mainly take part in military drills, and “practical” work (such as chopping vegetables), to improve their “bad” physical shape.

However, people have criticised the “harsh treatment and military-style discipline enforced on teenagers” at some camps, the SCMP says.


The allegations of abuse at the centre have provoked online outrage, with thousands of users expressing anger Chen Xin’s parents.

One user whose post was widely praised said: “Everyone knows that parents play a major role in their child’s development, this environment acted as a catalyst towards two people undeserving of the title ‘parents’.”

Another social media user, whose comment received over 1,000 likes, said: “You do not treat your children… like animals”.

However, some have expressed shock that Chen Xin killed her mother, with one saying: “I do not support matricide”.

Meanwhile, media commentators have called the story a “tragedy” that highlights the lack of proper counselling and support available for families.

The Beijing Times warns parents to “wake up” to the risks of sending their children to such treatment centres.

“Do not send your children to such a ‘cage'” it says. “Using violent means only further hurts a child.”

A People’s Daily commentator, ‘Xiaojiang Suixiang’, said: “Some parents are left helpless by internet addicted children, and there is a lack of formal, professional psychological counselling in communities, which lead to ‘wild routes’.”

Oro treasury office ransacked

Source: LoopPNG

The Oro Provincial Treasury Office was broken into on Wednesday (21/09/16) night following a clean-up exercise by the Oro Provincial Government into the Provincial Treasury.

A frustrated Governor Gary Juffa stated that the continued effort to address corruption in Oro has uncovered what appears to be a syndicate of individuals including administration, treasury and bank staff collaborating with criminals and other private citizens to defraud the province and the people of their funds and is revealing interesting names.

Juffa said the most recent break into the provincial Treasury office was yet another indicator that certain people in Oro who are involved were hell bent on covering their tracks but added this would not deter the work his office was undertaking with the police.

He said for too long Oro had been in the grips of criminals who have found ways to bypass processes and procedures and checks to steal public funds and the result has been a province stagnated in the past 40 years.

These were actions by well-educated and trusted officers who have been placed there to serve as public servants, he said.

It was unusual that the treasury office was broken into when it did not have any cash or item of value but information, he said.

Governor Juffa said it was also suspicious that it occurred after the new Provincial Treasurer had started to put his foot down and had demanded accountability and proper procedures be followed.

“There will be no hiding as we are ready to reveal all. The thieves and criminals are not those on the streets with guns but those in offices with folders and fraudulent documents. It is no surprise to me as we have a new treasurer and PPC and we will get to the bottom of this,” said Juffa who is also sector chairman for finance and had been insisting on financial reports from Treasury and Oro Administration for months.

ENB Day ends on high note

Source: LoopPNG

The East New Britain Provincial Day ended on a high note at the Constitutional Park this afternoon.

Port Moresby residents came in their best ENB attires to celebrate the day organized by the East New Britain Students Association of the University of Papua New Guinea.

ENBSA President Jeremy Nature thanked everyone who had supported them at the Constitutional Park and said this year was yet another crowd pleaser.

Stalls were blaring in color with meri blouses, printed shirts, ENB flags, as well as face painting and cooked ENB cuisines like aigir and mumu.

The day’s celebration ended with showers and a little bit of thunder as the last group took the dancing arena.

Some of the spectators told Loop PNG that, although they were starting to get frustrated because of the lateness of the program, they were happy that the day still went as planned and that the organizing committee did not disappoint them.

Natura expressed his heartfelt gratitude to those that made today possible for the ENB residents here in Port Moresby and that they were able to pull through with the day’s activities.

Organisation aims to help young ladies

Source: LoopPNG

World Supermodel PNG is committed to give everyday girls a chance to be a part of a fashion industry.

National Director, Phylma Kelegai says the international platform which was introduced early this year aims to economically empower young women and give them exposure into the industry.

She said another platform built from this avenue was the agency that has already attracted at least 80 models to date, both male and female.

Kelegai said with much negativity in the society, she wanted to establish a safe place for young women, through this platform, an environment where they can feel free to express themselves.

“Get to participate in different areas and get them to work in other places so they have a bit of economic empowerment, a bit of exposure,” she said.

Kelegai added that the agency been involving in events over the past few months, basically to build the models confidence.

The agency today held a networking event inviting people in the industry, including fashion designers, business houses and photographers and makeup artists to establish contact with models.