Double murder in Madang

On the 05/09/16 around 1800hrs, unrest in Madang resulting from an ethnic clash at a settlement along Madang’s North Coast Highway known as Bilia Maus Rot. A fight was instigated in retaliation to the double murder of male and female Savalon Security Service employees on Saturday 3rd Sept. 2016 at a garden in the vicinity of Bilia Maus Rot. Armed settlers from the compound are defending against the attack from the people at Marap camp, Wagol settlement. Situation was tense, and police were monitoring the situation. The Madang Provincial Police Commander and his police officers approached the two community leaders that morning to let police handle the situation but high tensions between the two ethnic groups erupted into another clash later in the afternoon after police had left the scene.DMurder

It appeared that the suspects were after the woman. The deceased man tried to defend himself and his female counterpart but was over powered and killed. The suspects then abducted the woman and raped her multiple times before killing her; ultimately to stop any disclosure of the incident. The one thing they failed to do was hide the bodies which were discovered the next day in a garden, in the vicinity of Billia Maus rot and 26 bustop roundabout, next to a block of land where three recently constructed houses were situated.

Women from the settlement covered the deceased female in cloth and carried her out to the public to identify. Meanwhile, the deceased male counterpart was identified as Edward Kami who resides in a neighbouring settlement known as Wagol; who is from a mixed parentage of Sepik, Karkar in Madang and the deceased female was identified as a woman from Haven village also in Madang. Both were security guards with Savilon security services and they were killed on Saturday night.

Police and serious crimes investigation units attended to the double homicide case to find out what really went on that fateful evening. More than seven houses were burned and several people injured.  Police have not yet confirmed the number of houses that have been destroyed in the fighting.

Public transport has been affected with parents withdrawing their children from school. Provincial Police Commander, Jacob Singura is now calling on parties involved to refrain from fighting and handover the suspects. The suspects have been rounded up by Police and brought in for questioning.

Law and Order is on the rise in Madang. Something needs to be seriously done and soon. All these deaths and retaliations don’t just affect the victims or the perpetrators but also the Madang community at large. We are all affected when roads are blocked because of such fighting.   These pose a challenge to Madang people as well as other occupants within the province. What are the causes of these issues?

Maybe it is time now to take these matters into consideration in order to alleviate or completely put a stop to such activities by engaging possible alternatives.

#MSW_SettlementWatch Appeal to the travelling public along North Coast Road at the 26 roundabout and Bilia Maus Rot to be alert and report any incidents to the police. Contact: Madang Police Station 422 3233 or 422 3243 or text to 7 922 0023. Modilon Hospital 422 2022

DM female

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