National security committee aims to get UPNG students back to class


The National Security Advisory Committee met today to deliberate on getting UPNG students back to class by June 14.

The committee is made up of heads of department of key government agencies, including police and defence, and their role is to advise the government on the security issues facing the country.

Vice-chancellor of UPNG, Professor Albert Mellam, and Police Commissioner Gari Baki both provided situational reports to the committee and the actions they have taken so far to restore normalcy to the campus.

Chief Secretary to the government, Isaac Lupari, said the pressing issue at hand is to get students back to class by next Tuesday.

He acknowledged that while students have rights to free speech and movement, it should not impede on the rights of others who want to go back to school.

With a court order taken out by the Minister for Higher Education yesterday to allow students to return to classes, Lupari said police will be on campus to ensure this order is enforced without any intimidation from others.

Lupari has called on students to respect their parents and return to classes in order to complete the 2016 academic year.


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