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Rapid pro

Through the use of mobile phone-based data collection and advocacy initiatives, UNICEF is supporting government departments in Papua New Guinea to collect and communicate vital data via RapidPro to inform policy decisions.

RapidPro is UNICEF’s mobile phone based system for real-time data collection for improved monitoring of service delivery. It is a communication engine to power connections among decision makers, frontline workers and government partners.

UNCEF is driving efforts with government, NGOs and the private sector to identify and scale up technological, scientific and programmatic innovations that can contribute to high benefits for marginalized children.

Using RapidPro, government departments are collecting a broad range of real time data from school enrolment numbers to inform about district level funding and cases of juvenile justice.

Outgoing UNICEF country representative to Papua New Guinea Baba Danbappa said, “UNIFEF’s quality data was needed for successful implementation of projects and programmes in the country.”

“UNICEF has also introduced to DIRD two modern systems and technologies, the Rapid Pro mobile SMS technology to be used as a pre-monitoring tool for collecting sectoral data from districts and Devinfo programme for generating district information.” He said.

UNICEF is supporting the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) to strengthen data collection, monitoring and service delivery at the district and provincial level. Once at scale, the initiative will reach 1,162 government administrators. By enabling DIRD to collect real-time data, RapidPro will help increase the responsiveness of Government to the needs of district level authorities and ensure greater accountability for spending. Data collection is ongoing in seven districts, and will be scaled up to other districts in May and June of 2016. Data collected through the system will be linked to the DevInfo data management system and will help inform policy development.

To ensure sustainability, officers from DIRD and stakeholder government agencies were trained on the use of Devinfo and Rapid pro mobile short message services (SMS) systems for the purpose of continuation of district information management systems projects. Mr. Danbabba said, “This training would equip the officers on what sort of information is required for collection and how they would go about to get those data needed for the service delivery in a district or province.”

Free online training on how to use RAPID PRO mobile SMS system Click here…


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