Landslip at Porgera – Lukulama

The newly constructed road to the Mine site at Lukulama

On the 18/04/16 a land slip occurred at the Porgera Valley on the road leading to the mine site . The Papua New Guinea Works Department and Barrick Porgera have been working night and day to fix the road but the rain and water log has been a challenge. Apparently the landowners at Lukulama are demanding compensation and while that’s being sorted out by the Company and Government reps, it’s a half kilometre hike on foot through thick, muddy grounds and up a mountain to the pickup point at the top of the hill. It’s actually a steep mountain but after arriving on site on the 30/04/16 which was Day 12 since the Landslip, it has been a walk in the back yard. The PNG Defence force and Company Reserve Police team worked with Company Community Affairs personnel to provide security along the landslip.

Day 17 was interesting.  Unfortunatly, one of my female colleagues was harassed during the hike back to camp after work.   We had merely began the hike along the muddy bush track that bypassed the road works.  Fortunately he felt out numbered and left her alone. After the incident was reported, the bush track was declared unsafe and the new road was open to mine workers to walk on the road. The locals took opportunity to follow company personnel on a much easier route.

DAY 1 Philip Hau and our day shift team going home after work. Philip Hau is the big guy in blue. Thanks for the photographs.

Day 17 Heading back to camp after work. Thanks to Desmond Poivi for the photographs. He’s camera shy.

Day 19 Heading to the mine site for the night shift. Thanks to Gregory Rovanama for the photographs. Greg is the guy between the land cruiser and the Komatsu.







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