Fixing LCD Monitor Acer AL1716


TRL No.HR0906-6   TRL.Blank.doc
Name Department Date / Time
E.V. Pacifico Human Resources 12/06/09  4:40pm
Job Description: LCD Monitor with power blink problem.
Equipment Description: Acer AL1716   LCD Monitor
Diagnosis: -Power blinking as indicated by power led.-Lamps ok

-removed covering and checked power board. Noticed swollen filter capacitor 150mf, 400V.

Fault: Swollen filter capacitor due to break down during surge load.
Remedy / Recommendations: Replaced with similar type of capacitor. One hour burn in test. Ok. Returned back to workstation.
Date / Time completed: 16/06/09 09:30am

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8 thoughts on “Fixing LCD Monitor Acer AL1716”

  1. I have an ACER AL1711 lcd monitor. It also has blink problems. It stays on for about 4 seconds then screen goes off – power button still on. All the capacitors including the electrolytic caps looks fine.

    However, I suspect the ballast capacitor – JN332M, Ceramic discs – 101K, 103Z, 102K.

    I chose these not based on looks but on proximity to transformer and HV diodes.

    Your diagnosis further opened my eyes to suspect the cap(s)


  2. i have a acer aL1716 b with similar issues. i have backlight power but no display. seems to function normally when hooked into dual display with another monitor, eg. flickers the same as the good one when booting. down to the power supply of the lcd and can not see any cap’s or other components with issues. nothing bulging, cracked, etc. can you give me some advise,. thanks.


    1. hi starmaxpc,

      seems like a driver problem. Also check both resolutions. Set both to same resolution proberbly to 1024×768.

      Hope this helps.



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